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Thank you for your interest in taking lessons with me! 


You will receive an email from me with more details.

With over 10 years of teaching under my belt, I have developed a holistic approach to teaching, honed by years of practical experience in many different areas of the performing arts. I have always had intense passion for teaching music and acting, and I'm deeply committed to helping my students find and nurture what makes them unique, while at the same time giving them the tools they need to be able to meet and exceed the demands placed on today’s performers.


I offer private lessons in Voice, Piano and Acting, and I have also designed and taught numerous group programs, including :

Audition Technique

Scene Study

Voice and Movement 

A Capella Groups

Cabaret Workshop

Getting over Stage Fright: The Performers Mindset

To inquire about private lessons and group programs, please fill out the request form below:

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